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Hi there,

I’m Sabrina – living in the Flemish region of Belgium but travelling the world as much as I can.  I live in a beautiful country with a rich history, and enjoy the good life but sometimes I just need to escape. 

I have travelled ever since I can remember.  Travel means going from one geographical place to another but think about it… it’s not just about going to that place is it?

I created Ventures by Sabrina to inspire you about travel & to live a life beyond your imagination.  It was Einstein – one of the most brilliant minds in human history – who said that imagination is more important than knowledge.  Knowledge is important but it only tells us what we know now while imagination pushes the boundaries of creative thinking – it creates new ideas & futures. 

I always knew I wanted to travel the world and work in the tourism industry.  And so it happened… I graduated in Tourism Management, have worked in various positions in the travel industry – including several contracts in the position of Cruise Sales Specialist onboard the luxurious ships of Seabourn Cruise Line – and have travelled a lot.

After 3 years I decided to go back to Belgium to take advantage of a land based opportunity but that didn’t go as planned.  I have been job hopping in the Belgian travel industry and then… the pandemic happened.  I had a lot of time to reflect and I learned the hard way that I was in no way living the life I wanted.  So long story short: I gave up everything and applied for a job at sea again.

Certain things happen for a reason… life at sea didn’t make me happy but somehow I did get answers and more clarity about everything.  During that time I decided to start with a website – something I wanted to do for such a long time already!  First I just wanted to write about travel but then I decided that I have much more to say.

I have always been very curious about the world.  I read books and watched documentaries about all kinds of topics like whales, astronomy, ancient civilizations, geology and much more.

My mom was interested in all those things so as a young girl I already read about the stars & galaxies in our universe.  I will tell you a bit more about the universe because just like Stephen Hawking I believe that the more people are interested in sciences, the more answers we can find on fundamental questions about our existence and the future of the universe.  Did you know that many major inventions – including medical ones – were developed thanks to Space exploration?

I would also like to show you how beautiful our blue planet is.  It took billions of years to create the world we live in today and with my articles I wish to raise awareness for the uniqueness of The Earth.  Planet Earth provides us with everything we need and I think it’s of great importance that we all take care of our living space and that we connect more with nature.

Another topic close to my heart is self-care.  When I realized that I was not living the life my true Self really wanted, I started figuring out what I could do differently to avoid my future will look the same as my past. I read a lot of books, listened to Ted Talks, started meditating, browsed the internet looking for answers how to move forward.  Slowly but surely I created a different way of thinking, of seeing things… and unlocked hidden patterns & desires so I could finally start living the life which was always meant to be mine.  Find out more in my articles about body, mind & soul.

Without my personal crisis I would never have discovered – not into the deeper levels anyway – that my thoughts shape my reality.  And in reality I have never known myself better then at the moment I’m writing this.

And that’s the best feeling you can imagine!  Which brings me to the next question: ‘how do you change that energy into matter?’

As a matter of fact I think it’s intriguing knowing that positive energy has a big impact on how you express yourself to the outer world.  I’m definitely not a ‘fashionista’ who follows every trend.  I wear what I like and what makes me feel good – same with cosmetics by the way.  In my articles about fashion & beauty I explain the importance of healthy skincare and make-up, and how to look good!

There are so many things I would like to share with you and I hope you find the inspiration you are looking for to live your best life.

Happy reading!

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